Disability and Special Care


Many clients struggling with a disability or have a relative who have special care needs, quite often do not know how care is charged for, what means-test applies, who is responsible for arranging that care, if the care can be provided free of charge by the NHS or whether their home will be used to pay for that care, particularly if there are dependents who continues to reside at the home.  These are questions we at Beardsells are keen to help you navigate in the complex legislation for Disability & Individual Special Care needs.

  • Social care and Health Care Support.
  • Funding of care needs and assessments.
  • Court of Protection.
  • Deputyship and Powers of Attorney.

Under statutory legislation, a Local Authority has a legal duty to assess a persons need, to make that assessment within a reasonable time frame; and then arrange for services based on that assessment.  In some cases, the assessment can fall severely below the standards that they should be.  Our Solicitors will provide the support and advice to ensure that these assessments are carried out properly, making sure relevant evidence are properly presented; ensuring no undue delay, especially if circumstance have changed and to take action when there has been wrongful assessments.

Our services include securing funding for the right equipment that is needed by the individual or adaptations to the person’s home to help in accessibility such as getting up and down the stairs; getting in and out of the bath; outside support such as paid carers or personal assistants who will provide support for independent living despite the disability.

Besides questioning the right care for individuals there is also the issue of the funding of that care whether that be in the persons’ own home or if appropriate, in a residential or nursing care home.  Our service is to help you gain access to funding for treatment, community care assessments, paid respite care and placements in residential or nursing care home.

We can arrange home or hospital visits where clients are unable to attend our offices.  We also offer early morning and late evening  appointments at all our office, including Saturday morning appointments.