Elderly Care

Elderly Care

We provide clear advice and support on issues concerning long term Elderly Care and planning. This is an increasingly important and complex area due to our growing elderly population. Our aim is to provide a clear, professional and proactive service to help you make financial planning for your later years, or for an elderly relative requiring your support.  We provide assistance in matters involving vulnerable adults and relatives, often at sensitive times. 
Our services include:-

  • Long-term care funding.
  • Health and Social Care Support.
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding claims Beardsells solicitors Elderly Careand appeals.
  • Local Authority (Council) assessment and funding disputes.
  • Personalisation – individual choices for support in care and personalised budgets.
  • Safeguarding adults and abuse claims.
  • Estate planning for care.
  • Care home contracts and care home service delivery.
  • Capacity issues.
  • Court of Protection – deputyship applications.
  • Powers of Attorney.
  • Support with Care Quality Commission & Local Government Ombudsman Complaints.
  • Assessment of long term care contributions / treatment / placements.
  • Living Wills.
  • Trusts.

If you have any concerns with the thought of managing your finances in later life, or making decisions for an elderly relative, putting arrangements in place for the provision of long term care means peace of mind.  By setting up trusts or having an lasting power of attorney in place, or perhaps by our taking on the role of deputy-ship, it means you have the security of knowing that there is professional help in the background.  We will provide guidance and advice to enable you to plan and secure your future in a way that you want.  Our elderly care team will consider all possibilities and take into account your wishes in each circumstance.

   Social and healthcare is no longer the ‘safety net’ that people used to be able rely on. It’s a minefield trying to get help – especially with so many cuts in welfare provisions by local and central government bodies.  We, at Beardsells can help with access to treatment, placements in residential care, community care assessments, NHS assessments and many other social and health issues.  We will explore all options and ensure eligibilities are not overlooked.  We are also not afraid of challenging local authorities or a government body when we know it can seem a daunting, if not an impossible task, but our expert solicitors are here to defend and pursue your rights. We will proactively mount legal challenges to secure appropriate financial compensation.

Mrs Sadgrove

We recently met with Mrs Sadgrove to discuss her elderly care claim that we had recently settled for her. She had purchased a Healthcare product which was unsuitable for her needs. Mrs Sadgrove then had a problem obtaining a refund from the hearing aid company.

Our Elderly care team are committed to defending and challenging your right to be treated fairly; ensuring your needs are met and that you have a voice.  We provide a holistic approach in our services for Elderly Care.

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